iPhone XS Max 256 GB Gold & Silver Unboxing [Feat Mrs. Blogging Rapper]

We FINALLY upgraded to the iPhone XS Max! Our previous phones (the iPhone 6S Plus) served us well but we’re delighted to be brought into the most recent generation in smartphone tech!
For most iPhone users, this isn’t a big of an upgrade, especially if you currently own last…


iPhone X – Love it Or Hate It?

I’m digging the full screen on this new iPhone X, but something about that notch on the top just makes me feel… blah.
I don’t know about you, but this is the choice upgrade I will get from my current iPhone 6S Plus. Yes, I will get this one despite my thoughts on the top part….

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – Does It Suck?

Are you looking to get the all new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? Are you excited? Me, I currently own an iPhone 6S Plus and I’m pretty happy with it. Sure, it doesn’t have the wireless charging or updated camera and chipset… but for the price, I’d rather go up an extra $200…

I’m Gonna PAY YOU tonight! Here’s How..

Yeah, you heard right.

This isn’t any longterm business or anything like that. I’m looking for people to do a few tasks that shouldn’t take more than 30 mins to 1 hour – and I’m willing to pay them for it!

So the money isn’t coming from a company or from commissions. It’s coming from ME.

How does it work? I’m glad you asked.

First of all, I’m promoting a series of Fortune 500 companies. What are Fortune 500 companies? They’re common household name brands you all have heard of before – so Game Fly, Discover Card, Disney, and so on.

These companies make billions! Part of their marketing budget outside of the typical commercials, print ads and etc goes to programs like this… Consider it surplus they have to get rid of.

SO, what they do is offer trials that we can take and they pay the person who refers people to participate in said trials.


What I’m doing is creating a business deal for anyone who is interested – I will PAY YOU for participating in these trials!

The trials are free and can be done within minutes!

Anyway, that’s the deal. I have a whole video going over the process so it’ll be easy to follow along.

You interested?

If you are, click here. The sooner you complete the tasks, the sooner I’ll pay you.  It’ll all be done within 24 hours.

Simple money, nothing fancy. Just something nice to do today and earn a little something.

See ya on the inside!

Why Investing Into Your Business Speed Up Your Results

Are you always skeptical when someone asks you to spend money to get started on your online business? I’m sure you do.

What word screams out into your mind when someone says that?

Here, I’ll help you: “SCAM!!!!!!!!”

But… why? Because normal 9 to 5 jobs don’t ask you to pay to start working?

Actually… they do. But it’s not with money.

Success in any business will require payment of one of two things: Time or Money.

You’re spending your time; moments that you can’t get back to work at a place day after day, putting in the same hours making the same pay for 40 years if you’re lucky.

What about franchise owners? If you wanted to start a McDonald’s, you think they’ll set you up with everything for free? It’s a job, isn’t it?

No… it’s a BUSINESS. And business requires upfront capital.

Real Estate? Upfront capital.

Security? Upfront capital.

General Construction? Upfront capital.

Any medical or dental profession? Upfront capital.

You have to pay to get licenses, education, permits, etc. All of that comes from your own pockets before you can ever see any real money.

So why is it when someone asks for a small payment to start an online business, do we all freak out and run for the hills proclaiming the impending doom of the almighty “SCAM”?

Doesn’t make sense to me.

What does make sense is you’re either going to spend your time or your money to get where you want.

You absolutely can make an income online without spending one red cent…. but it sure ain’t gonna be easy! If you’re not used to the heavy grind… get ready for it!

If you have money to spend, you can elevate your business a lot quicker. It still requires work, but now your money is helping you and it is such an important commodity.

Here’s how you can get started with your own online business. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked for a small amount of upfront capital. It’s just part of the investment.


Don’t underestimate the importance of people.

I know a lot of online marketers who miss the mark sooo much on this one simple concept: PEOPLE ARE EVERYTHING.

It baffles me. Marketers are people too. They hate being looked at as just a mark. So why do they look at others as marks for their business?

When you disrespect your clients, you don’t deserve their money. Bottom line.

Yet, in my 5 years of doing this, I’ve seen countless of guys and gals just throwing their sales pitch at me, not attempting to build any sort of relationship… and whenever I do buy into a product or service, they’re incredibly hard to get a hold of if I need help.

This is NOT the proper way to run your business!

I’m sure these guys are making some sort of success.. After all, the hustle is alive and well in them and that is honestly one of the key ingredients to success… but like two-halves, they’re missing a whole other half of the bigger picture. Without it, their success will NOT be long lasting!

It just isn’t going to work!

When you respect others, cater to them, make yourself available to them, AND throw in that hustle muscle to rinse and repeat… man, you’re a power house that will easily DOMINATE the playing field…

BE THAT PERSON. Remember how important people are to your business. Even if you’re just running ads and not doing the hardcore stuff of prospecting on social media and blogs. People are still people. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

(The Golden Rule always apply, baby!)

See ya on the next one!

Jason The Blogging Rapper

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Enjoying Life With The Family

Do you know your why?

What do I mean by your “Why”? Well… your “Why” is the reason or reasons you choose to do the things you do to reach your goals.

My goal is to build a successful business to support a better lifestyle than what my family currently has. My why are my wife and kids.

My wife and kids are my world, after God of course. As the head of the home, it’s important to me to elevate our lifestyle to do better and afford things that are important to us.

Some of those things are the foods that the wife and kids eat. Ya’see, they all have a specific diet. They can’t do dairy, gluten… and most things we’d call “food”… so to find the right foods for them cost more money than you typically would spend at  the local grocery store.

Having a better income provides opportunities to live better, like in the example I just gave you.

Can you relate? Do you have a “why” that is important to you for reaching your goals? If so, I’m offering a special mentorship that comes with specific training you can use no matter what business you own. Just click here and get started today.

Basic Principles To Raise ANY Business To $5,000 Per Month!


Coz, you know… you’re their bread-and-butter.

But really, that’s not true.

If you know how to run a business, you can run ANY business.

Oh, of course there are nuances to each business type, but I’m talking about the principles of running a business – particularly an online one.

Course, most people won’t tell you this kinda stuff.

To them, you’re a big fat dollar sign. Your name is CHA-CHING.

But to me, I am honored for anyone and everyone who chooses my products and my method of training – because you’re putting your trust in me. You trust that I will give you exactly what you need when you make your purchase.

I’m the type of person who always goes one step beyond. It’s who I am.

If I earn your loyalty, it’s because I over-deliver and because you see me for who I am and what my motives are.

Doesn’t matter what I promote at the time. I could promote “National Ice Cubes of America”

(Can someone do a quick Google search for that?… Is that a thing? Heaven help us if it is!)

No, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter if you promote the same products that I promote. I wanna help you anyway. I wanna show you how to properly run your online business so you can benefit from the amazing life that you could benefit from.

That’s what you’re out here looking for anyway, isn’t it?

So ==> Here’s your training. 

Let me say this again, THIS is how you write your ticket for any product or business you choose going forward.

Why THIS? Coz with it, you get my full 100% professional business training.

Business consultants make a good chunk o’ change just to get on the phone with their clients.

Some earn up to $200/hour for a consultation.

I’m giving my professional advice and mentorship for FREE when you utilize the potential of THIS tool right here.

There ya go. I’m good. See you on the other side, my friend!

How To Make An Income Without Having A JOB!

That’s right! You read that correctly. This video, I speak on how to make an income without having a JOB. This is the condition that I’m currently in, and I share with you my insight in how I’m able to do this.

There is a big difference between having a job and working. Many people fall for the belief that they’re both mutually exclusive… but that’s not true at all.

For example, you WORK when you work out your body, right? The rigorous exercise, the pain your body feels, but the payoff when you begin to get healthier and stronger means your efforts producing results, right?

Well, it’s the same way here, except you’re working out your financial health, instead of your body.

Although, to be fair, you should work out both…

The work force aka getting a JOB (Just Over Broke) may work for the masses… but I’m the kinda guy who never goes with the flow. I gotta make my own way. I don’t want to live my life doing things just because I’m told I have to… I want to do what makes the most sense for myself and my family.

That’s why I’m helping others do the same. I know so many people who want more of life but are stuck in that J-O-B and it’s hard to break away.. trust me, I know. It’s a safety net despite it being something I dreaded going to every Monday morning. I stayed in it for 4 years because it was safe… And even though I had a consistent paycheck to look forward to, I still struggled. We only ever made enough to get by without money for additional things like clothes and more than our basic list of food…

One of my best decisions was to break away from that, and I can show you how to make this transition with the best results. Click Here if you want help in creating the life you’ve always wanted.

It’s PAY DAY Today Thanks To MCA (Motor Club of America)

Welcome to FRIDAY, baby! I’ve been a member of MCA (Motor Club of America) for a little while now and one of the things I look forward to the most is of course, PAY DAY!

With weekly pay days every Friday, many of us get to enjoy a little shimmering reminder that our progress and effort will be rewarded at the end of each and every week!

I’m part of a mentorship group where my own personal mentor (who makes $2K per day mind you) pulled together a few individuals who are being trained up to be leaders in the company – hitting some pretty insane goals and making a global impact!

So, suffice to say, hearing all around how everyone (including me) are getting the CHA-CHINGs hitting the bank today is pretty exciting!

I’ll have to do a video that most other people do where they pull the cash out the bank and start flashing it like “Yeah… I’m da boss!” LOL

I’m kidding… maybe. I’m just excited, which may be hard to tell in my video because I’ve been staying up pretty late with the wife and kids so I’m a bit sleepy this morning.

Either way, I’m glad to be here. I’m thankful for everything Motor Club of America has provided me and I’m looking forward to EVERY week for them pay days!

I also am still looking for a few good people to train up along with me. I’m gonna get pretty busy pretty fast at the rate this is going so I want to sound pretty urgent here – If YOU are tired of your own business… if it’s not working or you’re in the market for something else or just need a hands on mentorship like I’m getting where someone is by your side helping you reach those goals… CLICK HERE.

And click it quick coz again, I’m only gonna be open to new students for a short time, before I become crazy busy.

Now… to the BANK I go!